Sustainability for us at TELECO represents one of the pillars of the company’s mission. Ethical and social principles, on which we have built our growth, aware of the importance of having a “duty” to people and the world in which we live. On this basis, we have developed a clear strategy of competitive and reputational positioning, because we believe that this is the right way to achieve sustainable development.

We have decided to bear public witness to thisheritage of values by activating an accreditation process with our partner CRIBIS, through which we can highlight the criteria and logic that govern our business strategies and ongoing investments in order to nurture our contribution to climate neutrality, social impact and relations with the territory, people, employees, suppliers, customers and in general with the Community we operate in.


This year we will publish our first “sustainable balance sheet,” which will be followed by a series of parameterized interventions via independent assessment bodies aimed at strengthening and improving corporate management inspired by good practices and ethical principles.


“We will keep you constantly updated on our progress!”

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